What is Daxos?

Daxos is a blockchain-secured open data marketplace dedicated to AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) solutions for enterprise businesses.

The marketplace, driven by an open community of pioneering companies and the world’s wealth of IT professionals, data experts and software developers, will co-create proactive solutions to resolve IT incidents, downtime and business service degradation.

Businesses, striving for automation and efficiency, will be able to sell their operational data to data specialists on Daxos. In return, data experts will be able to transform this data into analytics products and services, and sell it back on Daxos to the companies and beyond.

What Drives the Daxos Vision

Time is Money in IT Operations

“81% of companies reported at least $300,000 in losses per hour of downtime.”

Enterprise IT operations are responsible for storing and managing over 90% of the world’s data.

Only 3% of all this data is actually being processed to derive usable insights that can eliminate downtime.

Meanwhile, unplanned IT outages continue to cost most businesses an average of $300K to $1M in losses by the hour.

Data Output Exceeds Operational Capacity

“A 5000-server business generates about 1 terabyte of data per day (equivalent of 100,000 dictionaries worth of data).”

But today, 80% of time and resources are spent extracting or cleaning data versus real predictive analytics.

Over 40% of companies say lack of analytical skills is a key challenge to counter this paradigm e.g. no domain experience, changing nature of data, confusion in data science expertise.

Enterprise customers are wary of vendors claiming to AIOps solutions today as they are locked in on data storage with little security assurance or real predictive value.

Reshaping the Future of IT Operations

Today, IT Ops help businesses act in real-time, preserving revenue line, delivering user satisfaction and ensuring business continuity. However, this means action is taken only when collateral damage happens.

Now imagine if companies are able to detect early patterns of data that predict issues before they arise. Imagine if they can proactively stop outages to better support business activities. This is applying data science and analytics to IT monitoring data sources. This is AIOps.

What is AIOps?

It is the future of IT Ops - and a very near future for that matter. AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence for IT operations, combining algorithmic and human intelligence to proactively preempt outages and drive automation.

Our Vision

We are re-shaping the future of AIOps, in which community intelligence is fuelling businesses on the one hand and data expertise on the other.

Our Solution

Bridging the Gap

Business IT Ops

  • Provide raw data in digestible portions.
  • Be confident of data security and professional exploitation.
  • Be able to outsource needs or close data science gaps to trusted DS experts.
  • Pay-what-they-need for analytics algorithms & services vs. upfront locked-in engagement.

Data Experts

  • Easily access raw data from diverse, traceable & authenticated sources.
  • Tap on domain knowledge & context in enterprise IT Ops.
  • Be paid directly for algorithms or services produced.
  • Work on niche field vs dispersing to address enterprise’s data problems.


Built with Ethereum blockchain technology at heart, Daxos makes us rethink how it’s possible to gain AI insights from community crowdsourcing and securely trade fruits of shared innovation.

Respected and Empowered Ownership
Ownership of any digital asset is provable because the blockchain acts as an immutable ledger. Owners can publish or retract data and service offers at will.

Resilience to Malicious Attacks
Decentralized networks avoid a central point of failure and are far more resilient to malicious attacks.

Data Integrity
Data is verified, time-stamped, accurate, unaltered, transparent and widely accessible because the blockchain cannot be retrospectively modified.

Smart Contracts
Daxos smart contracts are publicly visible on the blockchain. This creates peer-to-peer trust without the need for intermediaries.


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Q2 2019
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Januay 2020
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Internal Platform
Q2 2019
Shared Intelligence
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Private Platform
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Growth focus

The Team

Meet the visionaries working behind the scenes of the Daxos platform.

Marc-Antoine Hostier

Samir Brizini

Eileen Lee Lavergne
Marketing and Communications

Onja Ramahandridona
Operations and Alliances

David Boucher
Software Development

Thomas Arnaud
Software and Cloud Architecture

Etienne Gautier
Product Management

Maximilien Bersoult
Software Development

Board of Directors

Julien Mathis
Chairman, Centreon Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Marc-Antoine Hostier
CEO and Board Director

Romain Le Merlus
Board Director, Centreon Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

Michel Rignault
Board Director, Financial Analyst and Controller


Created by Centreon

Daxos is backed by Centreon, an industry leader in commercial open source solutions for enterprise IT infrastructure monitoring. Since its inception in 2005, Centreon has been driving innovation in their field, with open source as part of their DNA. It has a community of faithful followers and active software contributors worldwide.

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